Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

good but...

This has a great plot! but it couldve been executed better. You should really redo it with the skills you learned in your experience later. like totally redo it but keep the plot. the graphics brought it down.

It was weird and disgusting.

no point to the flash right there,but it had sort of a dick tracy feel to it with a bad ending.

oo err

This started out good, but what happened....

Good stuff.

I really loved the animation on the dead guys head, I saw his brain. It was wicked. Thank you for putting that very nice and happy image in my head.

nice drama

the animation wasnt the best thing about that - it was more the feeling of it if you know what i mean, and for your first animation this is very very good indeed - so well done indeed. the guy is such a fool for just strolling into that house tho lol :P i will check your other work. hey - can ya tell us when your next flash is to be released? i would be interested