Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

For what this movie was shooting for, it was great

I hate people who don't give constructive critisism. This movie was an excellent display of creativity. The clear fact that the author of this movie tried his or her best to create something new, something original, is just cause enough for congradulations.
So, congradulations on an excellent job, with all of your films. This site sees too much crap. Too much run of the mill and I'm sorry that people like yourself get mocked by idiots for it.


I'll tell you, cocaines a hell of a drug, but regardless I was totally confused. I'm confused, what makes a guy decide to go into a house unarmed, when he heard gunshots? The graphics were good, but if I had to choose between cleaning up my dog's crap with paper towels or your storyline, I'd use the story.


This is the type of garbage I wipe my ass with and it does a damn good job of it. Why did the guy go to check out gun shots without having a gun himself? Why did the fully dressed woman kill the undressed man? Why the fuck was it not in color? THIS ISN'T IN THE GOOD BOOK! GOD, HELP ME!


this was good,really good.I think that you should make it into a series.

i love ur style

u have one of the best styles on newgrounds, i am suprised that was ur first , good work , would have been better if longer. but hey...