Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"


You are brilliant, i love your work and your style.

very good

For your first attempt at SWF, this is OUTSTANDING work. :)


not as good as I hoped

It looked good at first. But when I saw it it was kind of crap. It builds up the suspense but then you realize that the conclusion is pointless and has no meaning at all. I hope you can come up with something better.

Pretty cool...

Ahh... DON'T investigate gunshots. It's the old "goldilocks and the three bears" story that demonstrates you shouldn't walk into random peoples houses because your gonna get eaten/shot. Maybe next time he won't try to investigate things... o wait nevermind their wont be a next time for him. He learned the lesson the hard way.. although u dont learn much when your dead.

Short, but sweet.

Obviously, this was very short. I appreciated the film noir style, and thought it was done very well, though the animations, such as the main character's walk, seemed a little disjointed. The SFX were nice, though I wished there could've been voiceovers, and the music was only OK, I didn't really like the rap transition. A good video, and I would like to see more of these (which there probably are).