Reviews for "Blanco y Negro"

Interesting but little animation

This was pretty cool and the music was much better than average. It was kinda slow and the animation was very bad but interesting camera angles and great art work almost made up for it. Watch this if you are taking a 15.




I'm normally a harsh judge, but this flash was utter brilliance. A beautifully done piece of animation with a twist of dark humor at the end. I really thouroughly enjoyed this. I want to see more. But a side note... no offense to you... I don't like portishead much... maybe you should have used Bauhaus or Switchblade Symphony or something... I guess that is just me. Keep it up!

Pretty Nice

For the first animation it's pretty good. The only time the graphics are weird is the overhead shot in the house, where he climbs the stairs and opens the door. You won't see something like this in the public, for instead of the "good guy" losing, the "bad guy" loses. Not the ending I'm used to, but it doesn't really matter.

By far my favourite movie ever !!!

When I watched this back in the days when NG was a wee little site with beep me jesus and cat dynamics, it made the biggest impression on me. Anything that samples portishead rocks. But truely I though that the style was so cool and slick and it just got me in a trance it was so good. I watch it like once a month now and it still stays right in the top of my list. One thing I noticed was that the music at times overlapped one another because the computer was running it faster than it had before. By the end of the flick all three tracks were playing and it was a crazy scramble. This is rightfully the starter of the noir section on NG and the best thing on it. Others have tried but never come close to that. YOU ROCK ! Five Stars !