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Reviews for "MC9"

What the hell?

Oh my god.. It's awesome level.. it's OVER 9000!!!

cheshyre responds:

Over 9,000?? Right on!! Thanks for the comment!

This is 1337!

Cheshyre has to make the music for Madness 7.5 &( if there is ) Madness 11! This deserves 9001/5 stars but I can only give 10. <3ing you music cheshyre!

cheshyre responds:

Thank you!!! I hope to make the music for krinkels if he needs it!


easy style but awesome !

cheshyre responds:

Thanks yo! Very kind!

feels like old days.

now, THIS, is like your old, epic works. keep at this style, man... it has the right ammount of music, instrumental, and doesn't have that loud techno in it, it's more atmospheric, and that's what you should aim for. truly a masterpiece of your work, i'm speechless, it has action, battle, a big lott of madness (or ALOT insanity, depends in the point you see it) hm, but it's good. it's great!
its rocking, and it's grabbing you deeper and deeper into the action within every minute... great!

cheshyre responds:

I'll try but I think I need to expand this genre as well as keep it the same. Thanks!

eXterminate9 Anyone can COPY music,

but it takes a REAL genuis to come up with something like this on his own. Anyone can play a song on the piano, but to put certain notes together to make a classic piece of art is a gift. Anyone can trace a drawing but to be able to make your own masterpiece is extrordinary.
I like your work cheshyre. Your an artist.

cheshyre responds:

Thank you! Anyone can comment but it takes a really awesome person to inspire someone.