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Reviews for "MC9"


cheshyre i love your music. but it really isnt that hard to do. i downloaded FL studio and practiced for a few days. i got some of the sounds that u use and i made a near exact copy of MC4 apotheosis. make sure you keep impressing krinkels or you might lose your day job. Not by me. i only downloaded FL studio just to make sfx for flash.

cheshyre responds:

You should start making music. If you understand FL studio then why not make something? Thanks for the comment also, i'll try to make music that nobody can copy.


it is these songs that remind me why i love madness and the songs you work hard to create

cheshyre responds:

Thank you very much!


The greatest and most popular audio submission!

cheshyre responds:

I wish! Maybe one day we'll get there. thank you!

The reason why even remember Madness

It's bitty repetitive maybe, but that fact loses itself when you hear the backdrops. (were they called that?)

Song breaks necks, and the melody rhyming in the whereabouts of ~5:30 until the end make it even more harmonic to listen to. Especially the bells of 6:20. I actually listened to the song because of that moment.
About not being Madness style - well, if you have listened to Calliope for 9000 times, you might find this song different, but it brings new personalities into the Madness series, changes the way Hank looks, places a new arch-enemy in Tricky's place, and makes the secondary heroes to save Hank - that hasn't happened before.
So let's think that this wasn't Hank's choice of tunes, but of Deimos and the other guy.

cheshyre responds:

thanks! I like that you said this song "breaks necks". that's just plain bad ass. Thanks!


Love the song. Listen to it everyday

cheshyre responds:

Awesome! Thank you!