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Reviews for "MC9"

all the time

everytime i play black ops zombies solo i always grab my MP3 and play this song over and over and over and over it just never gets old and i cant stop listing to it its like im addicted to it or something or because this song TEARS ASS!!!!!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ^_^

hell yeah!

Very awesome music on 0:43 and the rest!

everyone was dancing and i was laughing useing my headphones for this XD

kick ass!

i love this. cannot wait for more.

Its good to my brain

This music is not driving my brain and tail crazy Because the angered music this was awesome because The heaven says to me to like it and so i love it I think I will open my phone to save this music at my phone hey is this a great idea for the music world Thanks for putting this on my brilant brains for my phone So that when i popo on my bathroom i will on this music and sleep time i will finish and Sleep now Just put this on your phone ok


Iit's too bad people dont make music like you. But if that happened, you woldn't be so amazing. Keep it up.