Reviews for "experiment 29783512"

oils a beach to get off...

i watched it twice to see if a missed anything... i found it a little incomplete... but look forward to its continuance... liked your drawn mask characters... liked the fact they were identical... fleshy identical masks on identical robot bodies... it provokes questions in me...oil... masks... it sticks...pass it on it kills... fair enough. once stood on a blob on the beach... it was more than a beach to get off... all that poor wildlife after a spill... 'detergents' are the answer... spider bot body cliche ok... but although its walking animation was adequate, it was only just... i think you need to play with the limb movement order... or maybe just speed it up to hide any inadequacy... or slow the background down.... any way... i'll check your site out... thanks for half film. ps.'artsy' is the hardest badge to wear but the only one worth wearing... but only others can pin it on you.

great man

The plot was great and the cartoon art ,but it needs something but i don't know what.I like the shadowing though!!


those robots had the most wierdest faces ever. The experiment was cool though. good work


This is very interesting looking, some aliens.. very nice style and detail you have on the drawings. It's animated really well too. i like the music, it's freaky music that fits well with this strange looking flash. Damn, that black blob killed his friend.. i cannot wait to see more.


this was like the bastard love-child of macromedia and salvador dali... fucking awsome! my inner surrealist is screaming out non-sequitors of pleasure!

that, and i like artsy-fartsy.

nice work!