Reviews for "experiment 29783512"


What the fuck was that?

God I hope I'm not passing stolen flash.

This was unexpectadley great, creepy, surreal, and cool. All in all it was surcroolegrat. One word or completely made up hmmm. LOved the character design I'm sure that there is deep underlyng meaning there. If so what? Keep squirting these out, 3 fo u.


Wow. That was kinda creepy. I like!


what the hell WAS that movie i just saw! haha. great way to test out some new animation man, because that was a damn cool movie i thought. excellent characters - they were definately very artsy, and really, really weird like.
the animation was awesome, and all of those things moved around pretty smoothly with those spider-like legs.
the music was also quite eeries, and the sound effects went well with the movie.
damn that was a cool experiment!

A little short, but really cool!

That was pretty nice, the art was amazing. Creepy to say the least, but it was short and sweet. Do something longer, and I'll be there watching it.