Reviews for "experiment 29783512"


Beautifully done--I look forward to seeing another like this please :) Eery and cryptic is just my style!


Very creepy

But who doesnt like a little creepiness every now and then?
I loved the ending to this :P How her face got eaten! And it was interesting to see an old native indian lady (was that what it was?) face on a robotic body! good work

reminds me also of david firth

but a little too much so. The Character looks almost identicle to Alan (see on fat-pie dot com) except it was npot paper animated.

hatrobot responds:

I never saw Alan until after you said something, and to be honest I still don't see a lot of similarity. But thanks for checking out my stuff all the same.

Reminds me of David Firth

This style was well played and handeled. It reminded me a lot of David Firth's (Salad Fingers) movies, but your style seems smoother.

You're getting a lot better. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we want to see more of this.

What was the track, so I know which album to get?


Wow, great concepts, great artwork and as usual awesome music.