Reviews for "Up The Platform"

u stealer

cant you make your own games... u jus downloaded this of flashkit full game source

1 bug?

I think that's a problem:
the mushroom didn't omve together with the platforms.

quit posting garbage

I like how you proudly have moving blocks in this game, however, they don't work worth a shit. You get stuck inside of them and if you get on them, they move out from under you. Also, what was up with that snowflake thing in the first level? No plot, no enemies, just jump on blocks (and hope you don't get stuck inside of them). What fun.

not a very "playable" game

I hope this isent the full because it feels more like a beta/alpha,
i'd like to see some updates or a release of a very full and rich game, potential is there just not used to teh fullest, good job tho ^.^

Very cool game

I love the gameplay and level design, the only thing that really spoiled it was the way you got stuck inside moving blocks, and the way they would just slide out from under you while standing on them.
Other than that, great game! I would love to see this improved+lengthened in the future.

gunman responds:

It will come. trust me