Reviews for "Up The Platform"

Poor quality

Not great; the game had many bugs, ie. getting stuck in the side of moving platforms. The sound was middling. The falling scream sound effect was too short, but the music was pretty good. The level design was creative in itself, with varied environments, but the camera was very bad and it was very difficult to jump or move properly with it. Better luck with your next flash.

Too damned glitchy... need I say more?

1) Make the music less repetitive, and have it change per level.
2) Spice up the levels with different backgrounds, different things to interact with.
3) Fix your glitches on the second and fourth levels with the moving platforms... you almost always get stuck inside them.
4) Make level transitions more smooth.
5) Fix your death glitch. You don't restart at a level, you get stuck falling to your doom.

gunman responds:

when that happenes, right>click and press "back" or "Forward".


That was pretty cool, I like it - it's addictive aswell.

gunman responds:

Thanks. I'll make more levels constantly.


well, i enjoed it for the first 30seconds, then i got bored, over all u can make it better, and yes u do have the capasity to do it, don't give me anyof that i can't do it bullshit.

gunman responds:

If u played just a bit longer, you'd get a challenge in level 5 and 6. They are HARD!! >:)


Wow dude this was actually good ! i injoied playing it, challenging and still beatable, i must say im very impressed.
Original and cool.

Very good job.