Reviews for "Up The Platform"


I know how hard it is to make Flash, and this looks like a piece of hard work. The game itself is really cool! (Except, I got a bit frustrated in level 2, because of the bug. But who cares? It's all good.)

4/5 This is a great idea, but a few suggestions...

This is a great idea/setup for this game, but it needs a few improvements. The first of which is make it so that you don't get stuck when you are halfway into a moving block (unless that's intentional-if it is, you might want to mention that), and better graphics never hurt anybody. Fun game, though, I liked it!

Good but needs work

Good idea but it needs a little work, it's very buggy. I got stuck in a block many times, levels need a bit more planning (especially the first few) and the background music gets on your nerves after a while. Still though, good job, keep it up.

gunman responds:

I know. The bug on level 2 if awfully fustrating. I'm planning to make an audio swich box on/off if this makes it.

Thanks for the review