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Reviews for "Random Time Trial #1"

pretty good

i thought it was pretty good, but if the movies were a little longer it would be complete kik ass. although u ripped off the badgers, it was still good, that was my favorite one, it would be cool if you ended it with something like "OH NO A VADER!!! A VADERR, OH NO ITS A VADDDERR!!" lol just a suggestion...

not too bad at all guys.

it was pretty damn random, but the overall result wasnt too bad id say.
but why weren't Konichiwa21's and Xstatic's movies in the 'play all as music video' option??
anyways, overall the graphics were pretty good, the music was good (but no sound effects) and it was pretty funny i guess.

only Xstatic was good

the rest stunck like filthy ass. And Konichiwa21 was the worst

bah lighten up

i enjoyed it for what it's worth .. went to the site, pretty good stuff

keep honing your skills, would like to see what else u make with some more effort

Badgers, anyone?

You know, by weebls-stuff, that song "Badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers, badgers". Yup, it's a rip off of that.

Second, VGDC doesn't suck, you guys do.

Third, they were too short.

Finaly, too many bugs. When played individually, they have unique songs (well, mnot the stone one), however, when you press, 'Play all Music Videos' its all 1 song.