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Reviews for "Random Time Trial #1"


hey if that was your voice i think your relativly young which means you havnt had as much exp as others so in that instance Great Jon :)

Not very amusing at all...

you copy the Badger song (Rubbish attempt of even doing that!)
VGDC do NOT suck, i would like to see you lot do better.
Short.. the ending to each one of them was bad, it seem'd like it had just cut out of it half way through.

Next time you say that someone/something sucks.. atleast do a good flash to try and prove it.


The yoda one is a claer ripoff of the weebl thing. For shame.

Barney was delicious

the TT with barney and the little kids was awesome. The rest were ok and you guys did go for a time trial


They tried, which is much more than I can say about most Portal entries.