Reviews for "Element Saga Chapter 2"


Excellent work - If everything I reviewed today was 1/8th as good I would have a light Aura. Keep up the good work - the only complaint I had was the long load. I like to skip past the story line initially and view it later. For you consideration. KA overall!

That was awsome!

Everything about that was perfect, i hope that the flashes i am currently trying to make can come out like this eventually! (though i just got the program 2 days ago.....) good luck wit future submissions!


Nice. Really cool work especially coming from someone who's about my own age. We should get together sometime and make some flash. I'd be down for that =)

Dizimz responds:

kickass id love to co create some flash work email me at dizimzinc@yahoo.com


its ok but it needs a lot more work