Reviews for "Element Saga Chapter 2"

SirChronos...no its not

This is nothing like FF7 I would know and, i have a shitloads poeple to back me up.....
Oh yes 1 more thing Your name is wrong it's "Cronos" Not

Not bad, but not great, i like your new one better tho.

Dizimz responds:

I concur , I played FF7 alot , it rocked , maybe the name weapon is what it "sirchronus" meant ah yes to be young and stupid , oh wait I am both of those , thanks for the review


I really enjoyed the game, but what does it have to do with elements im confused??


yet i cheated,clicked right and clicked play whenever it was a battle.except on omega i still beat it though.cant wait till the 4th.super nova was a great addition so was special armor and weapons.good job

~The Psycho


That was great. Truly great. You win 15 silver points. But once, when I got into the secont battle, Jalapeno was not there. And I couldn't do anything. Just to let you know.


Yea it's a great game but the first battle has a glitch- even if you win it says mission failed. And I just wanted to tell you that there are lots of typos.