Reviews for "Element Saga Chapter 2"


Finally a new character for once, and it's my favorite :D kewl Game

It's a good game but..

I'm really not into this kinda thing, that demon stuff is stupid and boring as far as im concerned. Great game, bad story. Sry

Could have been so much more but it isn't

Well from the flashy menu screen I thought this game would be rather interesting to play. When I actually started playing it, I felt it was very loose. A lot of things contributed to that feeling. Character design, choice in music, and the actual gameplay was a let down, but I feel like this game could have been more.

Your character design looked very familiar. It reminded me ALOT of the Sonic the Hedgehog character design. I wouldn't have been surprised if you took the idea and molded it into your own animals. Emulating something as distinct as Sonic kind of brings down the over all style. I'm not saying you did this on purpose but it looks too familiar. The cutscene animations were good. The actual "sprite" or game-play animations were decent. They were choppy at best, and not because of a slow computer, but because of the amount of frames you put in the animations.

This was a huge let down. I am so sick and tired of hearing extremely familiar themes to express an original plot. Don't use FFX's sound track. Don't use familiar themes. It just brings down the entire mood of the game. And you even added the extra flair that screams "I copied FFX", by putting "This is my Saga", instead of FFX's famous quote, "This is my Story." Now back to the sound, the SFX were good, but not crisp.

The gameplay seems shallow at first, but as I played it I could see it was very deep. You incorporated a whole combo system into the game which adds for a nice touch. There were several problems with the actual gameplay that kind of bugged me, and probably everyone else:
-The combo system didn't really click together well. Mainly because there is always a delay between each move you do. And the system is really explained well in the first place so it leaves you guessing how exactly the system works.
-The battles were way too long and drawn out. I don't feel like beating on the same boss for 5 minutes when all he does is one or two different moves. It gets boring.
-Controls were on the choppy side. Nothing ran together smoothly. This directly relates to the combo problem.

Overall, I can see the effort. And thats why Im giving this a 6. But there are too many things wrong with your game right now for me to really enjoy it. Work on the gameplay most of all because I have a feeling that it can become very smooth with a deep combo system. Gameplay aside get rid of all the things that don't make this game original, like the FFX theme. I know its a popular theme thing among preteen boys right now, but its not needed when creating something like this game.

good game

Good game. A little laggy, and the oxygen reload with A doesn't work for the 3rd level, but overall pretty good.


weopon is to hard for me there too little time i like your game it fun i
need help