Reviews for "Japanese VCR"

All Good

Thats was funny, what made me laugh the most was at the end after he beat the crap out of the VCR, he said " Uh Oh clock is still blinking" That was funny.

Learn some Nihongo damnit!

That was a quite sucky impersanation of a Japanese man.
Funny and entertaining, but it LEARY SUCKED.
you couldn't even plonouce the accent light, But it still made me raugh. Deacent frash dood.

OMG that was awesome!

Dude I loved it! mostly 9's and 10's, one 7, VERY NICE! Keep up the good work and stay awesome!!!!

Lol tis funny

It is japanese cos im chinese ma self and him tlking to that women was japanese


That was funny.
But it sounded more like Chinese English than Japanese English to me. But... it's ok.
Good thing the guy on the phone still understands what he's saying.