Reviews for "Japanese VCR"

omg lolz

japanse people are so funny when they try to do somthing...
just2pale rules!!


lol listen to me "round eye" dat was very insulting but shamelessly funny XDDDDD

okay . . .

This was alright.
I didn't find it very humorous.
In fact, it was very boring at times.

You, dear, need to learn how to spell. Also, you really do need better comebacks.
Someone reviews stating that they didn't like it, and you just say the most immature, idiotic things.

And I know you'll probably say something just as stupid to this, so really, don't bother.

This wasn't racist. People pick at other people's race and characteristics all the time.
If this was a white man, then people wouldn't give a shit, merely saying 'o lol dat wuz funi'. But since this is a different race, people automatically get offended.

Back to your flash . .
I found that since it was a telephone call, there was really no point to watch it.
Ther was nothing TO watch. I noticed you tried to make it interesting, but that just didn't work.

(Yes, I do have the tendency to rant. Oh well though, no one's making you read it.)

just2pale responds:

I don't even see a point to your response.,, but thanks for trying.


that was really funny i was laughing the hole time^^

its really not that racist but i can tell by your replys that u r a flaming racist, good luck with that....

Uh oh... crock is still brinking...

RCA mean Really Crappy Appliance!
Great stuff. Sure, most Japanese who speak English don't sound like that, but SOME DO! I've taken customer service calls like that! Awesome work, keep it up.

Risten to me, round eye!