Reviews for "Japanese VCR"


You suck japanese ppl dont sound like that but javanese do.

(i didnt make a spelling error on javanese) How dare you! most ppl on here dont know it but they have a lil bit of japanese in them!

just2pale responds:

well I'm glad you can read!


I was suprised at how much times you got transferred before you could talk to someone that could actually answer the simple question, and still they did a lousy job, that was what really suprised me most about this flash more then the humour of the animation even!. I thought the asian guys voice was awesome and without it i mean what would you have had? nothing!, but that guy sorta caught onto it near the end so im glad you ended it when you did.

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


Great work man.

Sho fucking funny

that was really funny can't wait to see more like that it reminds me of crank yankers only funnier!!


this is frking halarious. asians are so amusing