Reviews for "Japanese VCR"

I kid you not, sir:

I laughed throughout the whole thing. However, it was the very end which sold it. I laughed until my eyes watered and my throat hurt. Seriously. I'm gonna link your NG from my LiveJournal. Maybe I can round up a few hits for you.

Email me at fishnet-inc@earthlink.net when you do another on of these!


wow i have seen ur other works and i have to say this is the best shit u ever did~

just2pale responds:

umm then why did you give me a 0


Funny stuff. :)

hahahahahahahaahah slanty eyed people

lets here it for stereotypes

LMFAOROTFFL Hee-la-ree-uss

THIS is the one of the reasons not to tick off the Japanese.