Reviews for "Japanese VCR"

you get all 9's cuz im lazy

yea it was good lol cool to see humor with no nasty jokes :P

So very racist.

You racist fuck. But I gave you an 8.

just2pale responds:

thank you

rip off

ud better give recogniton to the jerky boys. they made the prank call and u didnt even play the end of the clip when he says "uve been caught on a phoney crank call"

it was good animation for it tho

just2pale responds:

yesh you are right. I didnt give credit to the jerky boys,, BECAUSE they didnt do it.

"Uh oh, the right is still brinking..."

That gave me a good laugh after a crappy day at school. Thank ya.

Good stuff...

I thoroughly enjoyed that. Really well done. Seriously.