Reviews for "Japanese VCR"


Ok, so it's poking fun at a certain ethnic group; but it is NOT promoting racist attitudes against anyone, in my view. If this flash had a member or members of an ethnic group denigrating or gratuitously blasting away with Uzis other members of another ethnic group, then it might be objectionable.

As to the stereotypes...yes,one could say there's a few. But I think there is no ill intent there. I also think we should be big enough to laugh at ourselves and our idiosincracies once in a while.

I myself loved the Taco Bell Chihuahua (which represents my ethnic group), but I utterly despise Speedy-Gonzalez. Yet, many find that cartoon charachter funny. And even though I loathe that rat, I can't categorically say that it was conceived with malice. And speaking of ethnic humor, who did not get a good laugh at that Bandido from the movie who said: "Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!"?. I myself did. Was that racist?

Maybe I'm wrong but perhaps we should take ourselves a little less seriously, especially when it comes to humor . I thought this flash was pretty damn funny.

just2pale responds:

YESH thank you.,,, people hate me now, haha,, yippie,, oh well life sucks so get over it.. haha, ive have recieved alot of comments now of being one, haha its funny and i thought the clip was fuunny and still do,.. so yea i have a humor to me,, i dont get offended seeing Tralier trash on tv,, or dumbass white people.. its funny as hell ,, and i just laugh at all who call me racist


That was hilarious, good audio clip to make a flash too. Ha, I actually laughed out loud to this, especially at the end "....ut oh....cwock is still bwinking" Very nice, keep it up.

just2pale responds:

haha thanks

*Asgard's Constructive Feedback*

I'm Asian and I don't find that racist at all.

IT ROCKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's so funny lol u should make more of the sort ^.^

"uh oh clock is sill binking" lolololol

just2pale responds:

See now why cant people have a sence of humor like you,, you got it,, and i wasnt trying to be racist,, just found the clip thought it was funny as hell and animated it

pretty funny

short and sweet and funny...what more do you need?

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very funny audio clips.
well done!

just2pale responds:

haha yea the clip is funny