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Reviews for "TTA Game Tribute I"


this is the closest thing to the actual thing you know but I really wish someone would make an actual mmorpg of TTA.still awsome


i like it, although i wish it was done using the actual Character Sprites. other then that no complaints


Awsome game except that when you use dark bomb you hurt ur self and try to get the real sprites other than that awsome game

a tunup and everyones happy!

I for one am a fan of the TTA series and I like the game. Though you do need more characters and a flash tunup. Make a remake! I'd love it ^^

Loved it!

Don't really care about the graphics, (although they could use a little upgrade, to sprites or something, though I know it must be hard to get the OK from kIrbopher. also, you could have made some of the enemies from the series (i.e., raccoon or blingbling). Nonetheless, every thing was great!