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Reviews for "TTA Game Tribute I"

Pretty good.

Well, That was pretty intersting. You dont see someone try to emulate MM.exe as a flash game every so often. The graphics weren't really eye catching but the idea was interesting.

I'm from TFS too. Hopefully we can see a sequil with eyecatching graphics.

hey - original idea!

a more interactive side on beat em up it seems. although the artwork is not what i would call up to scrach, i liked the ability to jump up down left and right between or during moves in the battle. open to random button bashing and a little smooter game animation wouldnt go amiss, but i like the concept.

Not Bad

This Game Was Quite Good Only Problems the graphics were poor and not many moves to use Ok But room for improvment.

((( NICE )))

Nice game very fun and entertaining, the file size could have been alot better though, just about took me forever to dl, but it was fun after i did, nice work, hope to see more soon...


dextrial responds:

heh, there is a reason... kinda... you see that password box, ah... the password... lotsa fun stuff if you have them

Fun, but falling short of great.

I like that you had the initiative to create a tribute-type thing for TTA, but this one isn't the greatest. The battle system was flawed, although interesting. In TTA, TOME uses an MP system (although it's never visible), but you instead used the characters' HP as their MP, which can be very annoying at times. There was some humor, though, I appreciate that.

All in all, it was a nice tribute, but it just didn't quite deliver in my opinion. It's still worth playing every so often, though.