Reviews for "Clock Shorts"

Really good i thought that was great

That really made me laugh how did u do those synthesiser voices?? Theyre so funny! Great job. Make a series or something.

Canuckles-Clock responds:

text to speech software (ex. speakonia)
or if you have a mac, you can bribe other clocks to do it for you.


The one with the samurai challenge was funny as fuck. Good job guys. 4/5


Good graphics. Just about everything here is good, except the DUMB VOICES! Yo man, you got to get them clocks new voices cuz they're annoying.

Canuckles-Clock responds:

Thats the point.

Nice Job

The only thing that i can recommend is increasing the speed of the voices slightly, they sound slightly more natural (As natural as a clock voice can sound anyway...) that way.

-Twig Clock

Canuckles-Clock responds:

I'll remember that for the future, thanks twig.


nice..especially the superclock one