Reviews for "Clock Shorts"

excellent guys

great graphics, keep it up

Not Bad!

The only real objection I have is the objection I seem to have to a *Lot* of clock movies: No plot/Not funny.

There's no doubt that you're incredibly talented with flash...just mix it with something funny, and it'll be great...

I mean, the reporterclock "I hate getting blammed" scene...I can't see how you thought that was comedic...but hey, I don't make flash...

Canuckles-Clock responds:

"No plot/Not funny."

Congrats you win the... other... prize.

not too bad

the graphics were pretty good, not the best though, the storied were short, random, and pointless, with a couple pathetic jokes and no plots whatsoever, and if one was starting it wouldjust abruptly end for no reason. not sure what you were trying to accomplish, but i did get the point that you liked clocks and wanted to make several short pathetic flashes on ordinary generic stories except with the main character's replaced by blobs with a clock in place of the head. great stuff

Canuckles-Clock responds:

"short, random, and pointless, with a couple pathetic jokes and no plots whatsoever"

Congrats, you win the prize.


I like this collab, you guys !^^
The art was great ans the concept was funny !
Reporter, Canucles keep this up you two !
Have a clocktastic day !

Canuckles-Clock responds:

Thanks Owl. have a clocktastic... night.

You know what?

I hate clocks!!!

Canuckles-Clock responds: