Reviews for "Clock Shorts"

That is really dumb

Another peice of crap that was saved because it was made by the clock crew.

Canuckles-Clock responds:

thanks, love you too.


I ABSOLUTLY HATE CLOCKS!!!!! but i gave u a 3... cuz just cuz i dont like clocks doesnt mean its a bad flash. but yea.... watevr its alrite.. not great.. not horrible so y not make it 2 the portal

Canuckles-Clock responds:

Wow, you must really "h8" Pantsclock then.

wtf, why does this have a 3 right now?

this is retarded, has not point, and makes me unproud to be an american. Now why the hell isn't it blammed?!?!?

Canuckles-Clock responds:

One would think you should feel "unproud" to be American anyway, what with bush's re-election and such.

PS: on a side note, I am Canadian, (If that wasn't obvious by my name) and Reporter is from Israel.


wonderful, simply wonderful

i love random shit and crazy references


Canuckles-Clock responds:



what the hell were you thinking!!??? my 2 year old brother draws better!! basically it was boringZZZzzz,the rest was OK,good job!

Canuckles-Clock responds:

I have no Idea what you just said, but you gave it a 9, so thank you.