Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #1"

It's alright...

It was sorta good, its just that i didn't really enjoy it... all it was about was a guy that pushed a disabled into the water.... its alright thats all I can say, and if u make more movies, make them a little longer... =)


dude!! i got friends exactly like that!! the calm one and the asshole one... man that was great

So cruel yet so funny.

I thought this was on of the best shorts I ever seen.

Good one :-)


But yeah, I understand the concept of a short, but I still wanted more :-P.


most excellent

dude i guess no one understands what a short is here let me explain it to you a short is a short film it describes a point and they did that they said that they were kicked out of the pools and were going to build there own... they even added more with the extra humor at the end... so instead of hating on everything you see look at it and say damn that was pretty good. you fucking losers.....

anyways good job dude u got my support all the way