Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #1"

hmmmm... cool!

That pretty much ripped i must say. the fag jokes didnt seem clechey at all. Good work

An enjoyable watch.

Although the start was the only bit to actually make me laugh... (the shorts)

The twisted appraisal of what was merely in humour brought a smile to my face. However, I do maybe feel that a wee bit of the dialogue could have been trimmed.

Also, some was a bit hard to make out.

The graphics were good (specially liked the way you hinted at them walking into the screen without showing feet) and apart from some hard-to-make-out speech, so was the audio.

Funny shorts.. ... bring back Chris and Ben

That was funny, but you still need the whole crew...

Great Last Toon...

You guys are the greatest...it sucks this is your last cartoon. I knew this day was coming...I just wished it never would...I would like to wish Eric, David, Ben, and Chris the best of luck in what ever you guys decide to do. I wish you wouldn't break up...but hey...all good things come to and end. Had a great series...and it will always be one...Congrats on becoming NG legends...

Nice one

Funny movie, the guy kind of reminds me of me...just more sadistic. Anyway i likes this one, congrats on front page.