Reviews for "Nobodies Shorts #1"

Awsome as always

Well you always make for a great animation good detail, funny stories and most of all awsome characters with such personalities so nice work on all your flash stuff including this one

Awsome humor


Eh, that kid was right next to the pool. He was probably intending on going there anyways. I like the animation. It's so much better than the previous cartoons. The length was good. It really wasn't too short. I find that intro cute.

Dang it, I've forgotten these characters' names already. I don't know which is Ben or Chris! It's great for a quick laugh. The thumbnail does kind of spoil the joke. Still funny.

liked it

ok this was new but 4 a short it was all and all prrrrrrrrrrretty damn good liked it 10.

:( yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

i miss ben and chris


A nice animation, short and simple, with quality graphics, smooth animation and a good plot to go with it. Perfect. Keep up the great work!