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Reviews for "This is Halloween! (2004)"

*I want it to be a new classic music video flash*

Okey now I´m trying my thing here,:P.

I´m clicking on the movie right now, I can´t possibly think that this movie is bad when I´m reading the title.
I love Halloween movies! :D
Okey the loading was done real fast a + because of that, *tihi*.

Okey an easy "Play" button on a black screen with yellow paint, that really matches with the halloween-stuff! I´m getting excited! :P

Okey what was that just now?
5, 4, 3, 2, 1 , Thunderburds are *something* lol etc etc.
Then a spin on the text then the movie begins, okay I can just say that it would be easier to alot of people if that did´nt exist, or I don´t know.
But it was a little bit funny,;P.

Okay now I´m not going to look at every last detail....

Okey great music choice before I begin, I had to had it said.
Hm, the graphics is mediocre I think, yep it is, but it´s good don´t get me wrong,=).
And the animation, I´m to lazy I could never do anything like that in this day and it´s good.

Damn funny!
Singing halloween-monsters! 8D

Oh it was a long movie!
A good movie!
A damn music video that I have´nt seen in a while! :D
I really liked this!

Okay, now I am not intending to pointing down the story in it no more wich I like in movies but this was a music movie so.

Hahaha, I´m going to watch/listen to this one more time, you got this in to my favorites for the time being!

Mohahahahaaah! *evil laugh*
No but

Great work!

Now I´m going yo watch your other great work! =)

eddsworld responds:

8| blimey thats a big review!


The best halloween one on newgrounds I have seen so far.

Jack Skellington

Wow, fond memories... Interesting concept on changing certain singers too, just in time for Halloween! :D Oh, and happy B-day.

Loved it =D

I thought it was real cool. Nice load of monsters there. It'd be a shame for this not to get an award =D

That was cool

I may be biased, being that Nightmare before christmas is one of my favorite movies; but that flash was awsome. I liked the way you had all those diverse characters, also the way the pumpkin king came out amoung other things. Pretty cool