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Reviews for "This is Halloween! (2004)"

Not bad

I think this was rea;;y enjoyable to watch! The drawings weren't perfect, but they weren't bad either! Overall, I think you put quite a bit of thought into this! Good job!^-^

very good ^.^

im a fan of the nightmare befor Xmas so it was pretty good...think you need to work on drawing style but other words its great.....^.^

I must say this

the movie was okay I didn't like how the mouths were but the timing was good. But I must say this Two_Kings hes stupid. Cuz he just is, he thought the the guy wearing the Zelda t-shirt was Legendary Frog, it looks like him but its not and its not supose to be. I'll deal with Two_Kings myself. Now its time to raise hell for him... hehehe.


not bad movie.
the vote panel #3 describes this movie pretty well: Not bad! In fact... I like it. i guess it also describes my opinion on this animation.

dis is da shit

kotp edds world rules over all bow down to your new master fuck everything else this is the shit of all shit