Reviews for "Bomb-omb"

Nicely done flash....

hmm. One of your bob-bombs is out of the movie. *picks it up* *BOOM* ohcrapi'mdeadnow

Not bad

Just a little to short and one dimensional.
Im not saying you should give the Bob-Bomb a Mistress (or AM I??), but felt just a bit flat


But isn't it Bob-Bomb? Or you prolly new that...aww crap I'm an idiot...or am I >_>


that was awesome.... poor little bomb with out a fuse... he must have felt left out, not being able to blow anyone up.... Great sense of humor... definate 5

Well deserved 5

Wow, this was funny. A great flash, lookin forward to more of your work. You topped graphics.. and all the other 5 areas. awesome..

just2pale responds:

ive got more flashes in the works