Reviews for "Bomb-omb"


whahahha hella funny!!!
the way the bombs were animated was just adorable.
Just one thing though:
I really, really like the starting song (duduuduudu! (8))
Can someone please tell me where i can find this song?
would greatly appreciate it!
o and keep up the great work, this one was worth the watch ;)

Very Funny, and promising

I really liked the animation. It was smooth (and shiny). The idea was good though it ran a bit short. The musac (like in an elevator) left a little to be desired as well as the voice. My only other complaint is the abruptness with which it ended, kind of sudden. Overall a good quick animation. Keep up the promising work.


good and funy , like you said a nice short..... but the sound at the end when the bomb was talkin was kinda off... but very good

That was great!

Really funny!


The graphics are great, sounds are great, and I liked the humor! Very good! Just remember that it's spelled Bob-omb :)