Reviews for "Bomb-omb"


That was so cute!!!!

very nice

hey did the first robot hand that tried to light the test bomb give the middle finger? i think it did XD


Are those guys supposed to be from Super Mario?
Thought they are spelled Bob-Omb... or maybe I've gone nutz from too much getting bombed away becuz of them...
Anyways, this is really a nice and sweet flash ^_^
*thumbs up*

Wakatta? Peace!

Very very clever and original.

I really liked it, it was funny, stylish, and the music was damn cool. What was the name of that song anyway? I think I might go find it. Other than that, it was really good. You could probably make a good series with that character.


short, but still a nice flash. i wonder how those things stay alive after blowing up though...

just2pale responds:

they dont they explode