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Reviews for "Thicker Than Water"


Great Job. That's all I have to say.

Nice one.

It's good to see that from such a troubled upbringing you've managed to look on the brighter side of life, and create a comic out of it that manages to entertain as well as make you think.

The artwork here was very simplistic, with the same obvious character models with just different facial expressions from panel to panel and occasionally strip to strip. The backgrounds too are in this very minimalistic style, with only the vaguest shadow of objects in the background to set the scene.

I like how in the tradition of most daily strips, each three panel strip works as its own self contained little story, with most of them having funny punchlines to finish them off. The humour in this series is very dark, and it works very well with your style.

Overall, whilst this is a very simple strip with very basic looking visuals, it works very well in its favour, and I look forward to more of these strips in the future!


it even had a cock joke

so funny

if that was yourchildhood then i would of loved to be you.
so cold, so hungry, why couldnt i do that to my sister, your a genius

THe drawing part just touch me

man the drawing part just touch me you really know what an artist is