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Reviews for "Thicker Than Water"


that was really funny! And u had a good idea too into the style!

Original, Fantastic, Funny and Sad

Jees man, this was great....very original....sad in some parts 'bout the step dad....wot a tosspot....good deal though.....Can't wait to see more of this style

HAAh hilarious

This was some very good material, were you really like this as a kid? damn, i hate to think what your like now. Pure utter randomness.

And did you turn out gay?

True to life...

For the most part, anyway. Not really an animated flash... and the drawings were repetitive but still good. I gave it an 8 because it did tell an interesting life story that i could relate to (with the stepfather thing). Oh, and anyone who rated this movie low because "There was too much reading" you need to be shot... You are the reason so many bad movies are in the theatres now because writers have to adjust their scripts to keep the new generation of short-attention spanned teens entertained, thus greatly reducing the quality of their work.

Just because a movie isn't fast, gorey, and violent doesn't mean it isn't good.

fucking funny

this is so kool man its gotta be 1 of the funnyest things around