Reviews for "Thicker Than Water"

wow and I thought my life was fucked up

thats interesting... lol. Evil talkin birds, cracked out parents, and the kids a fuckin artist!! Hell yeah!! Artists kick ass! Btw, if ur an artist than bein fucked up is OK, now lets go shit on some telephone booths

realy funny even the gay parts

funny comic even the part with the uh... hotdog thoughts and the part where the "lezbean" farts on the remote classic


That was wicked. Really liked it. You should start drawing strips for a magazine or something... if you're not already doing it ofcourse.

that was sick, twizted, demented and repulsive

and every thing i love.

That was teh coooolness!!

That was some funny shit man. And I am very much disturbed.. but I already was. Keep it up! This kinda stuff is great!