Reviews for "Legendary Tales 1-4"

How did you know about the...?

... the Whack A Moles??? Idk.. Anyways, as always... great job!

Awesome/Smooth Animation.
Funny Puns & such laughable material.
Fun for all ages (not meaning maturity wise, well that too, but meaning as in generations can laugh together in agreement since sometimes to what a young generation might laugh at wouldn't make any sense to another generation)
& I have watched nearly all of your submissions at least thrice. Why? Funny, I have no Life, I just really look up to ya... that much.. yey for you!

So yes. Did a fantastic job, can't wait (but will wait patiently anyways) for new submissions. Please keep in mind... Having fun whilst you work always keeps the insanity away... for the most part... depression too!

A big fan (not weight-wise... I hope...)

-Guy D. 10/10!

Also, I once asked you about the voice of Kerrigan. I hope I didn't freak you out too much... Please accept my apologies, (unless you totally forgot about that... then this is just awkward & please disregard my ramblings... myep.)

Good job! - @_@;;

My favorite of all these is : Sal's Cooking Show & Backseat Gaming... since one of them was similar to something that happened to me.. but with Mario 64 or something... (way back when Nintendo 64 was fresh on the markets & my beloved Nintendo, Sega Genesis, & Gameboys (non color) were the norm) (think early 90's...)

Pretty nice

THe metal gear solid one was the funniest

We know where you live Sal!

hahaha daem good!
keep up the good work:3

Not Bad

Love the Foreman Grill, and the DDR