Reviews for "Legendary Tales 1-4"

Heh heh...

That was funny, just like your other flash. Can't wait for the next one.


Cooking With Sal: well........ the George Foreman Grill, Kay Crystal CD's, and the music......

Backseat Gaming: well..all of that just to put A-R-K, "she must have used some strategy guide or something...."

Metal Gear Tech Support: (all Snake) well.....Snake acted stupid, "im putting in the cracker now....." ,

Dance Dance Dance!: well..... "we know where you live Ark" , "that was the worst dance i've ever seen" i've never heard a game say that.....

(these don't gots to be funnys to u 'because i want them to be funnys, to me)i said "Backseat Game he has a GC (GameCube)" i don't know why i said that but i did...

Heh heh

The Mgs was the best.But the Dance dance was good too.Let's just say the whole thing was hilarious.Btw if you played DDR to Sandstorm,it would take 10 minutes.Funny.^^


this waz awesome!!!! LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Funny!

P.S. wen r u going to make code veronica flash edition part 2?

yes im going to review all of ur flashes

everything had the same funniness we all remember from your previos flash and snake was kind of pathetic though, "eject the floppy" but the joke got a good snicker none the less