Reviews for "Legendary Tales 1-4"

Omg, epic?

I LOVED that!!
"she must be reading some kind of strategy guide or something."


I coulden help but notice... (friend whacks me in the head with a cement truck making me forget to say stupid hentai related joke) oh um where was I? oh yeah The MGS part was funny! I loved how snake could not figure out where the floppy disk drive was. Well this WAS made in 2004 so I guess 3 million - in -1 media card readers werent really available then. I also loved the DDR part I felt sorry for ark!


so...much...funny...must have...more

the vid was awesome

the vid was awesome

Ur flash almost made me laugh to death.

after the whack a mole i was laughing so hard and i was about to die...i felt death from my laughter...hopefully someone else didnt die...Ur flashes are dangerous man...