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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"

Very Entertaining...

I am such a dork for knowing all of those, and I'm so damned old for remembering that intro back when it was new!! Oh well, Nice work ol' boy.

I enjoyed it

I really enjoyed the surprise at the end of the quiz. Reminiscent back to the best cartoon based on a video game in the late 80s/early 90s.

The quiz was easy, but there were some facts I didn't realize. Good job. Hope to see another big cool thing like this in the future.

A bit easy....

...but very fun, and a nice reward too, keep up the good work.

Sweet homes

Hi me again, like I said in Mario quiz 1 expect a review in 2. Okay that was a great improvement it made me laughed the bonus video and it brang me back to my childhood. Thank you for that and this time I beat it in 2 minutes the first time, what can I say peace of cake. Oh and are you that guy on question three? And are you the maker of one of the mario games?


i love mario so this was awesome, and i loved that old mario show so it was worth going through extreme to see it. oh sweet nastalgia