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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"


even though i gueesed on half of the questions.... whoa...i think i still have a VHS or two of that show at the end

much better

much better than the first one you did, i liked the bonus video, brings back memories of SMBSS. you should of added more questions though, then it would excellent (well more than it is now)

good stuff! i want more questions, lol

damn, i almost had every question! some of those with numbers, like the flagpole one, i had to sit and think and still couldnt get it, ack! props on the bonus ending, really good quality for a web cam thing, i have most of those on tape, lol. anywhoo, i'd like to see more of these just to test myself. here are some suggestions: what game is SMB2 a rip-off of? what land is princess daisy from? what game did waluigi first appear in? whats toad's name in japan? what dish does gourmet guy ask for in paper mario? um.... who was mario named after? whats the name of the voice actor who does the whole mario family?(mario, luigi, wario, waluigi) in what game did mario swap the colors of his shirt and overalls? .......heh, sorry man, just tryin to think of good questions, ill let you go, thanx again though, YOU RULE!

to easy

nothing really to say but i beat its on the first try it was good seems familiar to the first


nice quiz, although many people will eventually get to the end as all the questions are not random every time. good bonus by the way.