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Reviews for "Ultimate Mario Quiz v.2"


I loved the prize at the end!


Nice job with the quiz.

sweeeeeeeeetttt AWESOME!

nice improvments...oh and btw frosen_shadow, the difference between this and version 1 is..on extreme, there are more questions (I LOVE CULEX...MY FAV) and the bonus video went from a naked chick getting in the bath, to the original theme song and video from the super mario brothers super show.....but you probably didnt even GET that far owell

Whats the differnce between tht and version one?

i liked it, its a good quiz but what is the difference between that and version 1, if there is a difference then tell me and then i guess it wont be so bad then

CrawlAway responds:

theres three more questions and a sweet bonus ending


I am reminded of the old days when I used to watch the TV show of Mario. I forget what it was called but I think a wrestler was Mario on that show. Anyway, good work. Makes me want to play one of the old Mario games now. :)