Reviews for "Skyrim"


Good Idea dude since Skyrim is in today you created a fan art about skyrim i love the way you did with the texture of the art it really looks like a part of the game so dude keep up the good/awesome work
you really deserve the front page award

Truly Ingenious!

Great job on the color palette and especially on the guy's face. Truly a marvelous piece of work! :)


Wow, was this one entirely from memory?

just one word: wow

i am amazed how this is done. i truly love te dragons scale. the background gives a GREAT plus. i also like the details that you have done like the sword is about to turn red over the heat, there is comming light from the dragons mouth, every single star has been done awesomely, smaller and bigger than eachother. the reason im giving this 9 not 10 is his facial expression. his eyes looks more interested than scared or angry. but still i cant draw better :)

so all in all this is a MASTERPIECE over all thoughts great!


When I saw this, I had to say Yor Toor Shol... those darn shouts have corrupted me. Anyway, I like how the fire looks like it has a sort of molten component to it in addition to the flames. I have to ask, though: why does everyone draw Dovahkiin with the same crappy armour? Dovahkiin would not be stupid enough to go against Alduin with Iron armour. Why not draw him/her in something that looks cooler, like Ebony or Daedric? Or, if you wanted sort of an ironic fight, outfit Dovahkiin in full Dragonplate/Dragonscale when he's going up against a dragon... fighting him wearing the bones and scales of his fallen comrades has to be insulting.

Regardless, awesome job on this piece, and the speedpainting was great to watch as well.