Reviews for "Skyrim"

yes i was right

ive been playing skyrim ALOT lately and when i saw the dragon i was like "its probably a skyrim fanart" and i was right its amazing the way the top of his helmet glows and the dragons mouth glows

The one thing that stands out the most for me is..

The mouth of the Dragon, how you see the glow of the flames in its jaw/cheek area.. Its beautifully done.


Grats on the frontpager! I'm glad we've got someone with your talent contributing to the art portal! It's also nice to see some Skyrim fanart that obviously a had a lot of time invested in it. Great job overall. I really can't find anything negative/constructive to say about this. :)

I'm especially lovin' the way you've painted in the burning embers in the dragon's breath.
It looks so realistic!

5/5 10/10

i cant even draw a rabbit

but this is astonishing, i love how you put the detail into the blade to make it red hot like that. The one thing I can think of is you couldve made it so their os mor flames going in other directions than a controled straight line becuase, it is fire. Its hard to control i find it hard to believe that it would come out so nicely out of a being's mouth lol. But thats just my opinion. Also mabye some smoke coming off of the sheild and/or the dragon's mouth too.
PS: Da-Hui-5 there is a blades sword that is hung on the wall, if you just follow the quest line, i wont try to make any spoilers. you'll find it it looks pretty close to a katana

looks amazing

Only problem I can see is the sword, the blade looks more like a katana than anything you'd see in Skyrim, also I don't know if it's just me but the sword also seems more 2d and less detailed/realistic as the rest of the pic.

Great job though.