Reviews for "Skyrim"

has any one else ever said fus ro dah and ended up going fus ro da and the the da in a sort of song
but otheys its great

i believe you mean YOL TOOR SHUL!
get your shouts right man.

I dig it.

It's nice. I have a couple of issues with it though. 1. The mountains look like smoke of some kind. 2. The sword is red hot but the shield, which is likely made partially of animal fur considering the quality of the hero's armor, should be on fire itself providing no protection for the hero. I'm a skyrim player and at no point does your burning shield effect anything however, for the sake of art, it should. But hey, since we're talking about the game schematics, you don't actually get to block elemental damage until your block is like 6O anyways and that guy with his crappy armor could have level 6O block but it's unlikely since it's so easy to level up your smithing ability.... anyways; 7 out of 1O nice job.

A very good drawing!

Yes this may be just Another run-of-the-mill Skyrim fan art, but I really admire the detail and artistry you put into this. I would rate it higher, but originality took a big hit on the score since everyone is doing Skyrim art, but it does capture the soul of the game. Congrats on front page mate!

People need to stop giving this 10/10!

As a concept... EUGH! Skyrim...
As others have said: Dragon - pretty good. Fire - Not so good. Background - fairly basic. Dragonborn Dude - Looks wierd. Not right. I'd try changing the pose and the size of the sword and shield.