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Reviews for "Confused Communication"

I can tell you what it is..

It is pretty damn good song. Haha, I don't know what else to say... Soooo damnnnn gooodddd!!!

Mackity responds:

I'm glad you liked it bro.

AHHHHH!!!! FIRE!!!!!

words really can't express just how good this song is...
BIG PROPS to all y'all. Great job.

Mackity responds:

Thanks alot bro, glad you liked it. :D

Eat butt.

the song rockz ass, but its missing....... THE GRIMCREDIBLEEEEE, THE RHYME EDIBLE!!

Mackity responds:

You're gay.


THIS SWONG SO GOT DOAM G HAUGH MY MOMZ LOVES IT!!!!!!!!as i was playing it my momz was like why you not on that swong and hit me LMFAO!=[

Mackity responds:

lmao shes g


You know I expected much less out of this. The autotune actually contributed to the ambience of the song. Your background vocals are really good. The lyrics could be better but they were delivered very cleverly.

Mackity responds:

Yo I'm extra glad we got a positive review from you. Thanks for the feednack.